Leaderboard: Benchmark Workout Scores

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All the circuits in the program are measurable and with each workout targeting slightly different parts of your training with the use of different exercises and tools.  The leader board helps you assess your progress and motivates you to perform better. Circuit Workouts Bench Complex Dumbbell Complex Barbell Complex Calisthenic Madness Dumbbell Complex 2 Ring … Read more

How to Record your Fitness Training in a Diary

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Learn how to record your fitness training in an online diary so you can track your progress and get an overview of your training to see what you my need.

This includes the ratio of strength and cardio you are doing weekly and the type of cardio. 

You will also notice exercises you may be over using or neglecting.

A diary also helps a trainer review and plan your training if you ever need help.

Exercise Program for Sport and Recreation

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This program offers unlimited workout variation. Click on the circuit workouts and exercises to open the drop down menus.  You do not need to do every workout or exercise – I am simply giving you options. Circuits Beginner to Intermediate Circuits Dumbbell Complex 20min Time Cap Max Rounds w/ 2*10kg Dumbbells ► 10 Squat + … Read more

Beginners Fitness Training Program

Beginners Fitness Training Program

The beginners program will get you started with the fundamental exercises and how to perform them with the correct technique and posture.  Lighter loads and higher rep ranges will also give your bones, ligaments and tendons the time it needs as they develop at a slower rate compared to muscle. Review the Leader Board to … Read more

Barbell Complex Strength Fitness Test

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This article talks about a barbell complex fitness sequence and how you may use it as a tool to measure your physical  ability and training progress. If you have been coming to the gym for a while and believe you have your foundations set with all fundamental exercises then I recommend introducing a power/hang clean, … Read more

The Impact of Mental Stress on Physical Fitness


https://youtu.be/gCdnl_K9jEgStress is the cause for many lifestyle diseases and affects your mood therefore managing mental stress is crucial for your physical health and well-being. Exercise helps to relieve stress but if you have too much going on in your life it could potentially add to it and tip you over the edge. Stress accumulates, be it … Read more

How to Improve your Bad Posture

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Improving your bad posture is important for fitness because it sets a stable foundation for building functional strength. A strong posture also means you will look better because if you’re upright it exposes your best features.  If you are slouched forward your chest will sink in and no one wants that – it’s the area … Read more

6 Reasons Why Free Weights Beat Gym Machines

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As I progressed through the early stages of my gym training I started to learn that the use of free weights over gym machines was the way to go for functional fitness and athletic performance. Let me explain why. Free Weights Develop More Musculature “Machines are carefully calibrated to move in a specific plane of … Read more

How to Build an Exercise Program

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Teaching you how to build an exercise program using free weight gym exercises and how to structure and update your workout program with exercise variations.

Exercise tutorials and demonstrations are provided so that you may study them to improve your technique.

How to Exercise

the barbell deadlift weightlifting exercise

How to exercise explains the best gym exercises and methods to use for fitness training and why they are important for improving your athletic ability.

You will learn the importance of correcting your posture and muscle balance while building functional strength, power and muscular endurance.