Fitness 101 New Zealand

Fitness 101 New Zealand

From the creator of www.Boxing101.nz 

Fitness101.nz is a free resource for creating gym based training programs and it teaches you exactly how to do it. 

You will learn an exercise programming system that will help you build simple and practical routines that complement your sport and recreational activities.

Workouts are created with functional free weight exercises and have tutorial and demonstration videos explaining the techniques. All workouts are easy to adjust and update as you improve, just follow the system. 

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Explains the best gym exercises and methods for fitness training and why they are important for improving your athletic ability.

You will learn the importance of correcting your posture and muscle balance while building functional strength, power and muscular endurance.

Teaching you how to build an exercise program using free weight gym exercises and how to structure and update your workout program with exercise variations.

Exercise tutorials and demonstrations are provided so that you may study them to improve your technique.


dumbbell row exercise
seated row gym exercise