Fitness 101 New Zealand

Fitness 101 New Zealand

From the creator of www.Boxing101.nz 

Fitness101.nz offers a service for creating gym based training programs and it teaches you exactly how to do it. 

You will learn an effective exercise programming system used to create gym programs that complement your sport and recreational activities.

Workouts are based on functional free weight exercise with tutorial and demonstration videos explaining the techniques. All workouts are easy to adjust and update as you improve, just follow the system. 


Free Account

You will have the ability to interact on the forums where you may request help and ask questions.

  • Beginners Fitness Training Program
  • Create a profile
  • Forum access


After creating a free account you may upgrade to a lifetime premium membership for just $149 .

  • The Full Sport and Exercise Training Program
  • Learn an Effective Programming System
  • Priority support forums
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Lifetime Program Updates
  • Access to Workout Leaderboards


Start learning for free in the articles section.

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dumbbell row exercise
seated row gym exercise


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