Terms and Conditions

You confirm that you are healthy and in good physical condition with no medical conditions that may make it dangerous for you to participate in Fitness101.nz or Boxing101.nz training programs.

You understand that Fitness101.nz and Boxing101.nz does not perform any medical assessments nor give medical advice. If you have any health concerns you must consult a medical doctor prior to participating in the exercise programs.

If workout intensity is beyond your capability it is your responsibility to self assess the training and adjust the session accordingly.

Cancellations and Refunds
Any purchases made on Fitness101.nz or Boxing101.nz are non refundable.

Intellectual Property and Copyright
All content supplied through Fitness101.nz and Boxing101.nz including email resources, restricted blog posts and other membership content remain the property of Boxing 101 New Zealand Limited and Dayne Williams.

By signing up with Fitness101.nz or Boxing101.nz you are permitted to use the copyright content for personal use only.

Personal Information and Privacy
We store personal information you provide in the user registration fields and any fields completed on your user profile. By signing up you agree that we may store the information.

All information submitted on Fitness101.nz may be publicly accessible. Important and private information should be protected by you by setting the privacy setting of your profile fields to ‘Only Me’ e.g. you can set your date of birth to only be viewed by you.

We are not responsible for protecting, nor are we liable for failing to protect your submitted content.

Comments posted to the blog and forum are always public.

Financial Information
All payments are made through Stripe – a world class and trusted payment service provider (PSP).

Your payment details will be sent directly to Stripe.

Industry-standard technologies such as “iframe” prevent us and others from accessing your payment details. We do not have access to your full credit card number, security details such as CVV or passwords, not even temporarily. For your security and for our own best interest, we have no intention at all to access your payment details.

If you provide our PSP with your payment we will have access to a limited selection of the details including but not limited to the last 4 digits of the card number. This is needed to establish a link between your account on Fitness101.nz and your payment.

Consent and Agreement
By signing up to and accessing either Fitness101.nz or Boxing101.nz and by using the content, services and products you accept all terms and conditions. You consent to taking part in this exercise program and will not hold Fitness101.nz nor Boxing 101 New Zealand Limited nor Dayne Williams liable in any way for any injuries that may occur while you are training.

We may alter the terms and conditions at any time. If the revised version includes an essential change you will be notified via email newsletter at least 30 days before the revision. After this period, you will be considered as having consented to all amendments.

Do not unsubscribe from the newsletter or you will not be alerted of changes.

An updated version can always be found here: www.Fitness101.nz/terms-and-conditions