Beginners Fitness Training Program


The beginners program will get you started with the fundamental exercises and how to perform them with the correct technique and posture. 

Lighter loads and higher rep ranges will also give your bones, ligaments and tendons the time it needs as they develop at a slower rate compared to muscle.

Review the Leader Board to see what the average benchmark workout scores are for those first two circuit workouts. This will help you gauge your current fitness level and set goals.

Example Weekly Schedule

Boxing + Core Exercises

Strength Workout + Finisher Exercise


Boxing + Pullups

Circuit Workout + Core Exercises

Saturday & Sunday 


Use the example below to understand my text.

Circuit Workout 
(40kg, 12) = 40kg Barbell for 12 reps
(20kg, 12ea) = 20kg, 12 reps Each Side

Strength Workout
3 * 30/30s = 3 sets, 30 reps each with 30s rest after the set

A1. and A2. = a super set, so you complete A1, rest period, then do A2, and that marks the completion of ONE super set cycle. 

Now you move back to A1 for set #2 until you have completed the super set 3 times.

Warm Up Routine

Row / Run / Skip for 10 to 15 minutes
20 Overhead Squats + 6 Inchworms

I like to spend another 10 or 15 minutes stretching my lower body to open up some range of motion before the workout.


Circuits are muscular and cardiovascular endurance based. You would be surprised as to how much strength they build.

Circuits are ideal for fat loss and improving functional ability. They can be quite high intensity too.

If the workouts are too difficult you may use less weight. But do not add more weight, instead try achieve more rounds for a better score.

Dumbbell Complex

20min Time Cap.
Achieve Max Rounds w/ 2*10kg Dumbbells

► 10 Squat + Push Press
► 10 Bent Over Row
► 20 Romanian Deadlift

Females use 5kg dumbbells

Bench Complex

4 Rounds, Time Trial

► Barbell Bench Press (40kg, 15)
► Dumbbell Row (20kg, 15ea)
► Alternate Lunge (20kg, 15ea)

Females use 25kg for Bench Press, and 14kg for Dumbbell Row + Lunge.

Core Workout

Perform 3 or 4 sets after a Circuit, Cardio or Strength workout.

2 hard sets are still better than 3 lousy sets.

A1. Sit-ups for 20 to 50 reps.

Use decline sit ups if possible. 

Increasing the decline angle will make the exercise more difficult. 

A2. Leg Raises for 20 to 50 reps

Do it from lying on the floor if you don’t have a decline bench.

B. Ab Wheel Roll-outs for 3 sets of 20 to 30 reps.

Strength Workout

The A and B brackets are supersets, perform 3 sets for everything.

For example – Perform A1, rest 45s, Perform A2, rest 60s. Repeat starting from A1 until 3 sets have been completed.

The arrow to the left of each exercise means it’s a drop down menu, click on it for more info.

How to Build Pullup Strength

Do as many as you can.

You may mix your pull up grips, so start with overhand (palms facing away) the first set and switch to palms facing toward you the second set.

Beginners will find palms toward you the easiest because they lack strength in their back muscles and therefore rely on the biceps to complete the movement. Palms facing toward you variation uses more biceps.

How to Perform Body Weight Dips

Perform as many as you can without destroying yourself.

You should be able to perform much more dips than you can do pullups.

Hip Raise 20 to 30 reps per set, followed by 45 seconds of rest before performing Pushups.

The focus is on the Hip Raise movement, not the rest of the video.

Perform the pushups from your knees if necessary.

As many as you can manage.

Rest for 60 seconds and return to B1) Hip Raise unless this is your final set.

Finisher Challenges

Short, sharp grand finales after your circuit or strength workouts. Performed at max intensity.

Row 2km- How fast can you do it?
3km Time Trial Run- Use MapMyRun or Strava phone apps
Kettlebell Swings- 120 or 160 reps as fast as possible
Burpee Challenge- How many burpees can you do in 5mins?

Cardiovascular Challenges & Workouts

Search running, rowing and swimming time records online to help you gauge your progress.

Most of your cardio should come from sport participation. Learn boxing.

Time Trial Run: 3km, 5km or 10km- Use MapMyRun or Strava phone apps
Swimming: Learn to Swim! Review YouTube- I swim for an hour and record the distance achieved
Skipping- Progress toward being able to perform double unders

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